OCCUPY COMMUNICATION – America’s Newest War Published: 11/16/2011

20 Nov



America’s Newest War

Recently in an interview with BBC, Mayor Jean Quan of Oakland, CA revealed she discussed during a conference call, along with officials from 18 other US cities, what should be done about protests in unilateral action. We have since discovered that it was  a call between an estimated 80 cities with our friends at the Department of Homeland Security facilitating.

Homeland Security? Secret conference calls for planning on how to deal with the occupation protesters and their camps? This sounds serious. Sounds as if there is a full-blown war going on inside the US.

This is a war waged on protesters who don’t have weapons; simply voices and signs. A war on protesters who sleep in tents and endure endless harassment by anyone wearing a badge that doesn’t appreciate their cause.

Our country loves war.  They are created constantly and given names such as the war on drugs, the war on obesity, the war on Islam, and don’t forget the war on terrorism.  As if this is not enough, our country goes and participates in other wars across the globe.

There is a new war; one that will be messy, one that promises to wound all involved.  This war will end unfavorably for ones who instigated it. America’s brand new, shiny war is a war waged on ‘the people’, by the people.  This war is against everyone and anyone, who disagrees with the actions of their very own country, The United States of America.

The participants? Well there are those involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement who are unarmed, against violence, and peacefully protesting.   Their weapons are words, signs, drums and songs. The opposing side has tear gas, rubber bullets, batons and bean bag projectiles. They have no problem using these weapons of force, and they have all the speech their money can buy.

One would think that the occupiers would end up on the losing end.  However,  these occupiers have something their opposition does not possess. The Occupy Wall Street movement is occupying the higher ground; with the resolve and the determination to win.  The movement has to win, it is non-negotiable outcome!

The reader may ask, how is this victory for the Occupy movement guaranteed? The reasons are as follows: the 1% has ordered brutal and chemical force, those who oppose the occupations have attempted to thwart protesters, forcing them from one park to the next.  The result: the movement has gained reinforcements, a massive flood of support has brought the movement ‘boots on the ground.’ Those on the opposite side already have the maximum support they will receive, and it appears that a portion of opposition are now joining its ranks. Why?  One could argue that it is because the occupiers are simply on the moral high ground.

Those against the movement can try to break protesters spirits, deny them their rights and prevent the press from covering brutality, but it appears they will fail.

Speaking personally, my message to those working for the government, and those opposing these occupation protests is simple; it is based on music and joy.

Money can’t buy you love and it sure as hell can’t buy the occupation!. Whenever there are attempts to dissuade those protesting, those who stand against occupiers will see something that should strike fear in them more than death itself: conviction, determination and solidarity.  These are commodities that cannot be bought, traded or stolen.  We are like a dog who has shed his leash; we will run free.

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