Shifting The Paradigm?

20 Nov

What the hell does that mean anyway? It sounds so pompous. What, pray, are you (blogger girl), gonna do (blogger girl), to shift my paradigm? (she thinks you are thinking…)

This is really just a quick fix for filing the thousands of links I’ve come across these past two months as I’ve taught myself about economics, non-violent protest, civil disobedience, local politics, global politics, capitalism, cronyism, The Fed, Goldman Sachs, civil rights, world politics, urban camping, Mike Bloomberg, Alan Grayson, Chris Hedges, Bernie Sanders, spread sheets, housing bubbles, toxic assets, back door bail outs, currency, usury, pepper spray, Veteran’s benefits, public v. private property, tea bagging, lobbying, habeas corpus, media conglomeration, internet privacy, ANONYMOUS, The Constitution of the United States of America, Martin Luther King jr., Ghandi (both Ms), Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, the civil rights movement, Egypt and Tahrir Square, riot gear, gas masks, how to break out of zip ties, The Singularity, AI, Rockefeller, Morgan, Carnegie, Rothschilds families (and so on…), MIC CHECKs, consensus and OCCUPY EVERYTHING etc., ad nauseum., in no particular order with apologies for poor punctuation et al.

Here goes somethin’…






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