A Message to Trolls Opposing OWS – My note on Facebook

21 Nov
by Kimberley Hannaman-Taylor on Friday, November 18, 2011 at 11:28am

This is a copy of my letter to a FB acquaintance that sent me a link to an image that showed soldiers on one side of the screen captioned: “Those Who Give Everything”  vs. an image of OWS protesters captioned: “Those Who Want Everything.”

I responded to the image thusly:

“This image is offensive. What have you all  (the commentators under the image) done today for your country and/or community other than sit on your asses and bitch about other people’s actions? Shame on all of you.”

I then immediately unfriended and blocked the acquaintance that sent it to me.

He wrote me the following, later that night on Google+.

“hey i dont mean to bug you, and i know you were militantly defriending people. however, youve gotta know that ive spent hours reading the links you shared on your page. also,i know you are pretty deadlocked into your position, but i think if you are not going to address other perspective you will develop a bias (which i guess is only natural?). i guess if one truely wanted to give their life/everything to a cause one could do so via protest/civil disobediance. on the other hand, i dont think protest by itself has everything one needs to better one’s self to better the world. lastly, you are the only person i know of that understands the singularity. that has to count for something right? heh. again sorry to take up your time, but i would really like to continue to follow your coverage, and perhaps celebrate bicycle day with ya’ll eventually.”

I felt pretty humbled by his response and wrote the following in response, which fairly sums up my position over-all and so I am sharing it with you all in an effort to be understood.

Dear (blank):

I apologize for my knee jerk reaction to your post. I must say, I was astonished because I had believed we were simpatico (singularity et al). I found that image offensive on so many levels. To suggest that soldiers give everything while domestic patriots (yes, I believe this movement is the most patriotic motion to occur since the civil rights movement) are acting selfishly is offensive to me.

The ignorance of the trolls is wearing out my patience. I do believe in everyone’s right of expression, but like a bloody accident on the highway, I don’t have to ogle it. The internet allows me to block that which I do not care to view and I’m currently taking the stance that offensive, ignorant propaganda has no place on my page. I don’t care to engage in debate with the unreasonable. Does that make me and my position unreasonable? I suppose you could look at it that way, but it’s better than allowing my faith in humanity to waiver, which it does, ever so slightly, every time I’m exposed to the hateful neo-nazi bs that is running rampant within the opposition. 

I believe this shift is going to occur with or without the xenophobic tyrants who oppose it. I believe the veil will be lifted, is being lifted and that the courage of those who’ve put their necks on the line if only to expose the police state we’re living in as real is a first and crucial step. I’m deeply committed to protecting and propagating this momentum and if I have to lose a few acquaintances along the way to do so, then so be it. 

Whatever you think of OWS and it’s goals and it’s methods, it’s doing these important things: Exposing the truth of our society. Exposing that the police we pay to protect and serve us are actually an army for the financial elite. Exposing that our elected officials are the legal meat puppets of the pirate villains that are robbing our world of it’s resources and human rights. Exposing the mainstream media as the voice of these villains and exposing our society as a dead zone of critical thinking and self absorption. Exposure is our ally. We must look in the mirror, become the change we wish to see in the world, and if need be, give our lives to see the change into fruition. 

I don’t see any other way. The singularity is coming and we can evolve or we can die – first morally (which is nearly complete) and ultimately physically. I choose evolution. Which do you choose? And when?

With hope,


epilogue: I have un-blocked and friend requested him again  in hopes that we can find a common ground and make peace.


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